Friday, March 6, 2009

I was Tagged, so I that a true verb?

Immediately following my last post, I was tagged by D! She told me to google myself and lists what I found. So, here in 2009 I was tagged, googled and blogged about it. Who knew 10 years ago that any of the above mentioned actions would occur, much less exist. I googled myself and here is what I found:

Kristen needs…to re-think the top (actually kinda like the pink sweater and scarf I'm sporting today...I thought). Did Stacy and Clinton spot me in the Woolfolk elevator and report it?

Kristen needs…to lay her eggs (what else can be said...)

Kristen needs …a new connection (no doubt you readers will line up to support this one)

Kristen needs…a cocktail (It is 5 o'clock somewhere and always true).

Kristen needs …to get over herself (wow, reality check)

Kristen needs…lovin (in case my parents or nieces read this, I will not comment any further)

Kristen needs… a miracle (don't we all)

Kristen needs…a bubble bath (if this is possible with the earlier cocktail, I'm game)

Kristen needs…some deep cleaning (I know my house does, but I showered this morning. I thought I was good for another week, at least)

Kristen needs… advice (consider it solicited and send it on)

Kristen needs… acting lessons (to prevent me from being a drama queen?)

Now, consider yourself tagged and get to googling!


mary straton said...

I don't get it. i am going to need you to explain it to me.

and 2 became 5 said...

Yay!!! you made my day & made me laugh - & if you had been me today you'd know it was great accomplishment. Now - I'm off to check out the ice cream bit.

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