Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Now what?

So, I made this "awesome" page, now what. I have changed the really cool colors up since I created it and now I am a little unsure what's next? Honestly, I wouldn't have this post if it wasn't for my biggest fan, MSKS. Maybe I should mention the only reader at this point, since I haven't told anyone how cool I am yet. Hopefully, she will teach me the cool tips (like the not having to use a stale template and how to link to another site without it showing...hmmmm)As stated in my early (and only) post my mother is probably the only person that cares, m friends ywill think I am psycho and my husband may cut off our electricity or telephone (whatever makes my computer run) to keep me from posting about our personal life (it is very juicy).

My life is no doubt full of adventure. This morning Chunky Monkey (C.M.) decided to attempt her fate at flying off the bed. Is it necessary to explain that what goes up must come down? A scream, many tears, some spit up and one carpet burn to the head later, she was laughing and kicking. Now the Princess is another story. Her day consisted of staying on green all day at school (which is a good thing), ballet with Ms. Allison followed by a gourmet dinner of mac & cheese and ice cream. As you can tell, she could use any calories that C.M. doesn't.

C.M. did have her modeling debut over the weekend. She was pictured in the St. Francis of Assisi 20th anniversary ad in the local paper. Maybe one of my savvy friends will scan the picture tomorrow and I can post that. Now isn't that earth shattering stuff....

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